Why are my edits taking so long to be approved? How can I help?

I’ve noticed a lot of errors on my local area and made some edits, but it’s been 3 days and the corrections don’t show up.
I’ve browsed the “Edits awaiting approval” and found they are “Awaiting Country Editor Approval”, how can I help speed up the process ? Is there a way to become a local area editor? How?

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your contributions. Yes we are short on active editors for every region. Our current configuration is that country editors can approve for their own countries but not globally, then we have a few global editors who can approve anything. As everyone is a volunteer people sometime take time off from the project and this is probably the cause of what you’re seeing.

Currently I’m personally away from the project to help arrange my mothers funeral, so if nobody else wants to approve edits then that’s probably a sign we either need to push the project harder, or give up - not sure which to be honest! I don’t usually approve edits myself as I have other technical responsibilities with the project and lack the time/energy to do it myself. Perhaps we should auto-accept edits if they have been sitting for a certain amount of time.

Hi Christopher, thank you for your dedication in this hard time.

I understand the problem, and I would like to help as I can.

Would it be a lot of backend work to auto-accept edits if they don’t get reviewd for some time (I’m thinking 24h) but to still mark then as in need of review?

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Much appreciated! No it’s not a big deal technically, I just need to decide to do it. Lots of changes made recently and many more still to do so that could be on the cards.