US editor request

Hi there!

I’d like to volunteer to support edits for US. I’m an owner of an ID.4 and would love to support the project!

I’ve also added quite a few edits that are pending. I’ve noticed electrify America stations are defaulted to 40 KW so getting those updated as I travel. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ve updated your account now. PLease check that if the Electrify America stations a rewrong that the ADFC is listing them correctly, if not please raise it with Electrify America, this will save you editing and once an item is editing we no longer take updates from the ADFC source and they have to be maintained manually.

Thanks for that! I checked a few things

ADFC - Does show the correct # of EVSE “ports” but does not break the ports down by type or max kWH

OCM - I’m guessing due to the above it appears to be defaulting to 40 kWh 1 port CCS/CHAdeMO. Is that because OCM can’t determine how many ports go to which charger type?

Yes, that’s correct, and we make a guess of a reasonable power minimum based on the connection type for AFDC data, but for DC we actually guess 50kW, not 40 so I’ll need to look into what’s happening there.

I think we’re re-calculating powerkW based on voltage * current but they were an approximate anyway, so I think we should just drop those and keep the powerkW.

The expectation is that since AFDC have talked about mandating OCPI as the data format for feeds of information to them that perhaps in the future they will offer an OCPI feed themselves, that in turn would contain much more detailed information.

Many EA stations go up to 150KW now.
I think user voting/reporting is the only way to get the maximum amps right.
Even then some stations throttle down based on how many charge sessions are active.

@iOne thanks, all stations have a max possible output in kW, but it’s perfectly normal to get much less than the theoretical maximum based on your car type and state of charge. These figures (especially kW) are provided as a guide. Until AFDC provides kW figures relating to specific connection we can only assume a likely minimum. You are able to edit these entries if they are wrong, or if the network will share data with us directly we can just use that. We do not approach individual networks because there are thousands globally, instead we ask the community to make them aware on our behalf.