Third Variant of Tesla Superchargers Now Online in USA and Canada

As has been widely reported in EV media, on 2024-Feb-29 Tesla opened some Superchargers to Ford vehicles. For those who have missed it here is the link:

Tesla web browser map has now three filters which might need some clarification:

Superchargers - all stations
Superchargers Open to Other EVs - stations with Magic Dock
Superchargers Open to NACS - stations gradually being opened to EVs from selected manufacturers which have adopted NACS (starting with Ford)

For now I would not rush to re-classify the network of those Open to NACS Superchargers as Tesla (including non-tesla) in OCM as it would be confusing to owners of all EVs other than Tesla and Ford. It might be a better idea to wait until the access to those Superchargers is available to EVs from more manufacturers, with the focus on those which are the most popular in the region which you are editing in OCM.


Thanks, the telsa supercharger situation is getting a little confusing now, I guess eventually everything will be open to everything else. Internationally NACS is also becoming SAE J3400 but in many countries the standard they use is actually CCS Type 2 and not NACS at all (they do also have a proprietary variant of Type 2 that’s used in Australia).

Up-to-date list of supported EVs can be found here (third page down):

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Thanks, I see also that Telsa are now white-labelling superchargers for other networks (think the first is in the UK), so technically they are tesla superchargers but I’ve no idea which network/app they show up in. First non-Tesla branded V4 Superchargers are being deployed | Electrek