Tesla superchargers up to date in France

I edited all superchargers in France

  • 88 stations edited
  • 1 station removed
  • 10 stations added
    And today added the 100th supercharger in France :hugs:

I still have to edit prices on some of them, I don’t know in other countries, but in France the price is not the same all over the country. :crazy_face:


Great! Thanks for your hard work Didier :slight_smile: it’s very much appreciated.

10 stalls added at Archamps Supercharger (French Alps, near Switzerland border)

There is now more than 1000 (1005) Tesla supercharger stalls in France :blush:

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101st Tesla supercharger added (even before Tesla added it on their own map)

658 V2 stalls (150 kW)
359 V3 stalls (250 kW)
Total : 1017 stalls

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28 stalls added to Vierzon Supercharger
New Laxou Supercharger of 28 stalls (near Nancy, east of France)

Stations : 102 Connections : 1073
150 kW : 666
250 kW : 407

Hi @Christopher ,

16 superchargers are open to non-Tesla vehicles now in France.
Should I update something ?


Thanks Didier, if their connection types are correct (e.g. CCS2?) then I think that’s all that’s required for now. Technically it’s now up to Tesla to inform ev owners that they can use their network (in those regions) since it’s not universally true.

We could perhaps have a new Operator e.g. Tesla Superchargers (All Access), or something but I don’t know what the right thing to do would be.

All Tesla stalls in Europe are equipped with a CCS2 connection.
V2 stalls still have a proprietary Type 2 connection too.
V3 stalls only have the CCS2 connection, Model S and X owners must buy an adapter for using them.
In OCM all stalls are identified with a “Tesla supercharger” connection and Usage type is “Public - Membership required”.
Maybe I can change the connection type to CCS2 on stations opened to all brands and/or change the Usage type to “Public”.
I also don’t think creating a new operator is the right thing to do.


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Agree if it’s a CCS2 connection and it works with other cars then that’s what should be listed. I think it would still be Public - Membership though as you presumably can’t use them without signing up and creating an account somehow.

Ok, I’m doing this.
And I’m adding a comment in General Information :

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3 superchargers opened in march

  • Montauban (16 stalls) open to all vehicles
  • Beaune Nord (28 stalls) open to all vehicles
  • Saint-Gaudens (8 stalls)

Stations : 105 Connections : 1125
150 kW : 666
250 kW : 459

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New supercharger opened near Bordeaux

  • Bègles - 16 x 250 stalls

Stations : 106 - Connections : 1141
150 kW : 666
250 kW : 475

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