Suggestions for Web/App

Hi Christopher, I would like to propose a suggestion to improve visualization in Web/App map. Currently the icon and color for “Not Operational” and “Planned for Future Date” are the same. I understand that color only depends on the power of the station.

I propose to use an specific color (for example light gray) for “Planned for Future Date”, the icon can be the same. This way, these planned stations can be easily differentiated from both: “Not Operational” (temporal disabled stations) and “Operational” stations. This gray color for “Planned for Future Date” stations would be fixed and independant of the station power

“Planed for Future Date” are stations in project phase, or builded but not connected yet to the grid (waiting for permits), and in Spain may take quite long from construction to Operational state.

I think may be implemented with no much programming work in the app and web map.


Thanks for the suggestion, I actually thought we already did that but that may have been in an older version. Obviously planned locations are almost useless information for drivers and power is irrelevant in that case because it’s zero until it actually happens!

A fix for this has now been published to the web version, the level 0 (grey) icon will be used for planned POIs.

Perfect, just for cosmetics I would prefer a lighther gray, if it is not much trouble

I also observed that the power slider in the options panel behaves strangely: now when you roll it up, you can’t go backwards to a lower power even if you don’t release the mouse button.

I need to close the option window, and click the “clear all” button to return to a lower power.

Thank you

Thanks, the power range slider has been fixed now. The icon colour is a little more difficult than you might expect because the files are generated using scripting but I’ll have a look.

Hi Christopher, it would be interesting to port the fixes for “planned POIs” using level 0 (grey) icon and the power range slider, already implemented in the Web version, to the IOS/NDROID APP.