Service Costs - Sponsorships (API Usage etc)


Note: our API access will remain free. This message regards very high API use by some consumers.

Our API and related services currently cost us (more specifically me, via my small business - with some Microsoft Azure credits that run out in November) more than $600 per month ($889 this month, plus miscellaneous services), yet our service still struggles under load when enough people are consuming the API services.

If your organisation is using our API regularly please consider purchasing a subscription with us either for unlimited API usage or as a Silver Sponsor (we will then optionally add your company to a list of sponsors):

API Unlimited Usage/Silver Sponsor:
Unlimited API Usage: Stripe Checkout

Sponsorships will go directly to infrastructure costs or external development costs for service optimisation.

Our API will remain free, sponsorship is voluntary unless you need very high use contrary to our fair usage terms.

Oh, so by the way, I’m still alive, and still working on our way of doing things with OCM.
It’s just not enough man hours spent monthly on that because it’s just our side project while working on a way bigger backend fancy thing.

I would gladly put some hardware resources to offload your APIs, but I don’t have OCM-compatible API yet, as we were aiming to provide OCPI compatible one with multiple data sources (with OCM as a base one)

@Christopher if there’s a way I can help infrastructure wise or with our API design to help you offload it please let me know

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As a follow up to this, our current sponsors are:

Our outgoing microsoft azure sponsor:

Further sponsors will be listed at:

@Gandalf glad you’re still with us! Thanks for the offer, we want to control our own infrastructure resources. We could always use engineering help to optimize what we have or re-build/re-architect.