Separate Operator for Tesla Destination Chargers

Hi Christopher,

Would you mind adding a specific operator for Tesla Destination Chargers. Right now there are two Tesla networks:

  • Tesla (Tesla-only charging) : Tesla superchargers operated by Tesla only for Tesla cars
  • Tesla (including non-tesla) (new open superchargers for Teslas and non Teslas )

It would be a good idea to have an specific network for Tesla Destination Chargers (11 kW AC) that
are operated by the local business (hotel or restaurant and usually only open for costumers), and that mostly have additional connectors for non Teslas. Right now they are mixed tagged with superchargers.

Hi, I’m not really sure there would be an advantage to having 3 tesla networks on there (considering these destination chargers are not actually a network really) and as you say there may be other connectors that are not tesla specific - (Business Owner At Location) is the default choice for charging that’s not networked and just located at some business premises.

I agree, I just mentioned it because most of these charging points where tagged as Tesla superchargers (at least in Spain) and I thought there were some intention to keep this network tagged as Tesla.

I’ll try to tag these points as (Business Owner At Location), unless there is some automatic script to change the network tag based on the type of connector and charger power.

Just to add some NZ specific context to this:
In New Zealand the Tesla Destination chargers are usually either 7.4kw or 11kw, and are either tesla only or any car, (usually tesla only, and trying to identify which locations and individual chargers in a location that are set to ‘any car’ instead of ‘tesla only’ is a bit of a nightmare).
In NZ all Tesla Destination Chargers are Tethered Type 2 Tesla wall connector Gen 2 or 3’s.

I’m not sure what the best approach for labeling is regarding operator, It is its own separate network, however my concern would be with existing locations labeled as tesla retroactively becoming incorrectly labeled.

I Agree with this approach, the only issue is that the majority despite being tethered type 2 units, are set to only charge tesla cars.