SemaConnect acquired by Blink

Two things.

  1. SemaConnect was acquired by Blink Charging and it’s charging stations have been relabelled suchly. However, OCM is still listing them as SemaConnect. See Blink Charging Announces Closing of the Acquisition of EV Charging Leader SemaConnect | Blink Charging
    For example, this was SemaConnect but is now Blink. For example, the Blink charging station at 44.4481620,-72.0128030 which is OCM 231889 is listed as SemaConnect.

  2. Blink Charging is listed as ‘Blink Charging Europe’ even if it is in the USA. For example OCM-232174. Would be good to clean this up at the same time.
    Thank you!

Thanks Andy,

I’ll update our import from AFDC to reflect semaconnect being Blink.

There is some confusion as to Blinks identity as they seem to have a group of companies. We will call them Blink Charging but in reality they seem to have different brands for different contexts.

Regarding the “Blink Charging Europe” entries in the US, this is just someone picking the wrong operator. Feel free to edit these if you encounter them