Request for filter option: Number of stations

When I am on the road and looking to charge my car, I am not only interested in how fast the charging stations are but also how many there are at any given location. If there are just one or two, they could easily be occupied, particularly during holidays.

Please add an option to filter on the number of stations (or plugs), ideally using a slider as for the power filter.

Thanks, there is already a power range filter under settings but not for quantity. Currently the number of available “EVSE” is not well defined in our data model and really we need a new grouping of connections by EVSE and whether the equipment can handle simultaneous connections or not. E.g. some units have two connectors and you can use both at the same time, or some have that but only one parking spot, or some have two connectors but only one works at a time.

We do try to quantify this with the “Number Of Stations/Bays” figure but it’s not that well populated or understood as even an experienced owner can easily get that number wrong due to it’s woolly definition.

Thank you for your response. I understand the issue (although I do note that Plugshare manages to have a filter on this number).

It seems the number that should be listed, and hopefully filtered on in the future, is “maximum number of cars that can charge at the same time”. That way there cannot be any confusion.

Would be great if this information could be added over time, so that it becomes possible to filter on this!

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