Problem uploading photos

Hello Christopher, over the past few weeks, I’ve observed that my recently uploaded photos are not shown in either the app or the “My Uploads” web section (see picture below). I have uploaded pictures from both the web and the iOS app.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?


Thanks for raising this issue. It doesn’t seems to be affecting all users every time:

I did recently change our image hosting from AWS S3 to CloudFlare R2 but I got extra busy at work and forgot to check back on it! The first few images seemed to work ok so perhaps there is some sort of intermittent problem.

Just as a follow up, we are also uploading images to S3 as a backup so there is no need to re-upload any images currently, we’ll get the existing image links fixed.

This is now resolved - the images uploaded via the app were going into the wrong subfolder.

Thank you, now all images are correctly shown

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