Post comment problem


I am building an app with EV Chargers and I am using this API to fetch the data. I’ve run into a problem.
Im trying to post a comment via postman but im not getting a responce body although I have 200 as status code.
Can you Help me

Is the comment being added to the POI? We don’t have many external consumers of our comment/checkin API so it’s possible there’s an issue with the response body output.

Looking at our code we do attempt to write out a response body but I note that it’s wrapper in an exception handler which implies that there are conditions where it won’t write to the output stream.

I forgot to tell you that although I have 200 as status code when i send a Get request I note that no comment has been aded .
Here is a screenshot of my request please check if there’s an error

any response please

Hi, you appear to have posted 3 comments and a photo to that POI already [test items now deleted]:

You can delete comments by signing into and choosing My Profile > My Comments > delete comment.

I can confirm that I was able to post a comment using the same JSON body and API endpoint etc as your above example.

Authorization: Bearer <with access token set>
Content-Type: application/json

    "chargePointID": 189069,
    "commentTypeID": 10,
    "userName": "Test",
    "comment": "Test",
    "rating": 3,
    "checkinStatusTypeID": 10

I get {"status":"OK","description":"OK"} with 200 OK (744 Bytes).