Please add new operator

Dear Christopher,

Could you add a new operator please?
We are new CPO in Hungary.
Thank you!

“WebsiteURL”: “”,
“Comments”: null,
“PhonePrimaryContact”: null,
“PhoneSecondaryContact”: null,
“IsPrivateIndividual”: false,
“AddressInfo”: null,
“BookingURL”: null,
“ContactEmail”: “[email protected]”,
“FaultReportEmail”: null,
“IsRestrictedEdit”: false,
“ID”: ,
“Title”: “VoltHero”

BTW, I noticed, there is no icon displayed for schuko, so I upload one for you. Hope it will helps.
schuko 116x104

“FormalName”: “CEE 7/4”,
“IsDiscontinued”: false,
“IsObsolete”: false,
“ID”: 28,
“Title”: “CEE 7/4 - Schuko - Type F”

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Thanks! The operator is added now. For icons we just need small SVG files, like these: ocm-app/src/assets/images/icons/connectors at master · openchargemap/ocm-app · GitHub

Thank you.
I drew schuko.svg but I can’t upload svg file here…

How should I send it to you?

Hi, please submit it as an attachment to a new github issue or submit a pull request: Issues · openchargemap/ocm-app · GitHub

Hi, it’s done.

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