Plans for new Editor in app

For the past few years our map/app ( and on the various mobile platforms) has lacked a proper editor, instead linking back to the main website when users want to add or edit something. This is about to change!

The new editor

  • Quick add based on the current map position then selecting a network operators and an example site to copy equipment from
  • Planned: grouping of equipment into Stations so that we have something to clearly represent the physical grouping of connectors at each site.

How will this grouping of equipment within a station represent the different plugs or networks that are co-located?

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Hi Lanny,

That’s a good point, in the past we have required two site entries, one for each operator, this also makes the data easier for API users to consume/filter and is consistent with OCPI (which we are slowly trying to align with). While we could have one site entry with multiple groups of equipment (with different operators) this would be a departure from our current model, which we’d really have to justify.

For the ‘quick add’ the concept is that you would say (for example) there are 6 stations and they each have 1x CCS Type 2 and 1x CHAdeMO, we would then create an entry for each station and each connector present. The advantage of this is we can then potentially map individual ‘in-use’ or ‘not operational’ etc statuses at the connector level per station.