Operation hours

Dear Christopher,

it would be great to have a database field for operating hours and paid/free parking/charging. Many chargers, especially the free ones provided by shopping malls or business owners for their clients have certain times of operation, e.g. Mo-Fr 8am-6pm and Sat 8am - 1pm, closed on Sundays …

Also, the text input field for “cost” might be very ambigous, i might enter “free charging, paid parking”, somebody else would just put “0” in there.

Thus, suggested database fields:

  1. paid or free charging
  2. paid or free parking
  3. operating hours

kind regards.

p.s. THANK YOU for providing this platform and making this possible !!!

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Thanks, yes I agree we should look at having something to cover this information. If anything we would look at the OCPI standard and try to match that so that the information can be more easily transferred to/from that format.

Technical volunteers are required in order to implement these changes as it’s unlikely I will get to it. General skills required are mainly : C#, SQL Server, MongoDB, so if anyone is interested please let me know.

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