New data sharing agreement form for networks


I have added the first draft of our data sharing agreement for networks. Networks can choose to directly share data with us using a choice of Open Data licenses and with flexible data restrictions.

Please review and if you have any questions please ask. You may also share this link with any networks you think should be sending data to Open Charge Map.


“You may revoke further access to your data feed at any time. You may also terminate this agreement on request, preventing future access to your data.”
might make sense that this will only affect Openchargemap’s distribution of data provided by them.

Might be nice to have a field on the form for notifications of changes suggested by the public, so if for instance, an OCPI data feed’s data is edited to say Lat/Lon is wrong, that the data source is notified that they may want to check their data. email address or some URL endpoint.

regarding fees, it might make sense to include suggested pricing up-front. ‘a small monthly maintenance fee’ is a bit vague and may put potential data providers off unless they know up-front. It’s very rare that anyone in any organisation would sign any service agreement without knowing approximate costs.

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Thanks Simon, yes I agree with all that. Really we might want points from data feeds to be not editable (except by an administrator, or to delist stuff that just wrong) and instead feed changes as diffs back to the operator so they can fix them at the source.

For fees, yes the problem was simply that I couldn’t decide how much the (monthly) fee should be (somewhere between $4.99 and $24.99) - there’s a balance between having a fee so low it’s not worth the administration and having it high enough it would put people off, any amount generated will get eaten up by our current hosting costs regardless. In an ideal world all operators would be part of it but realistically of the couple I forwarded this to neither rejected or accepted it (we’ll think about it for the future etc…).

There are also many operators whose networks span many countries (e.g. Tesla, Fastned, Pod-Point, Shell/The New Motion) so the sign-up form is a bit confusing for them since it seems to restrict their feed to a single country. Some of them will have different OCPP operator prefixes for different countries, but not all of them. I’ve seen a few NLTNM prefixed charge points in GB, and I have an RFID card that is notionally associated with the NL branch of The New Motion (now part of Shell), even though it’s billed in GBP not EUR with a billing address in the UK.

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Yep, I was trying to capture the country of origin of the organisation making the agreement, it’s not a restriction on distribution. I’ll rename it.