Missing Operator in the US

I’m hoping you could add the following operator:

For example, OCM-213445 is Francis Energy but is listed as Unknown.

Thank you!


Thanks Andy, that operator has been added now, I’ll also check if our AFDC import references them and if so I’ll get that import to match that operator.

Hmm, looking at one of their locations in Oklahoma they might be listed in AFDC as EVGateway.

Hi Christopher,

In a snapshot of AFDC pulled on 2023 November 15, Francis is referenced quite a bit (132 times). For instance, in Fenton, Missouri, AFDC ID 225858.

EVGATEWAY lists 23 stations in my copy of AFDC but I could not find one in Oklahoma.

To me it does look like EVGATEWAY and Francis Energy are separate and distinct companies.

Thank you for adding Francis Energy as a new operator!


Oh, I do see a Francis charging station with a curious provider name.

OCM-281994 in Springdale, Arkansas

EV Energy Group (FCN)