Missing operator in Italy (Ewiva)

Please add a new operator Ewiva (https://ewiva.com/)

It’s a JV between Enel X and VW: all charging points >100kW belonging to Enel X have been rebranded to Ewiva.


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Thanks, that’s added now. So should we update all Enel sites we know have only 100kw+ connections to be Ewiva? We can do that in the database rather than editing each site I’m just not sure if it’s every site that’s affected.

Sites with connections that are less than 100kw but also have 100kw+ will have to be edited manually as we currently only allow one operator per site.

Hi Cristopher, it could a smart move to update all Enel X sites with 100kw or greater to Ewiva. Please let me know when the changes will be applied and after that I will take care of the multisites that cannot be automatically updated. There should not be many of them, as 99% of the Ewiva chargers are with one ore two Alpitronic chargers with CCS2 plugs (no Chademo, no AC plugs).

Thanks :blush:

Thanks, those 137 sites have been updated now. The remainder either didn’t have the power kw set or had mixed power types at the site.

Hi Christopher, I’m cleaning up the mixed power sites and checking for errors and I just noticed that there is typo in the name of the operator that you created: it should be Ewiva and not Ewiwa. The link to the website is correct. Could you fix it ?

Thanks for pointing that out, that’s fixed now.