Mapping "L1" charging

It would be extremely useful if you would allow the sharing of public “L1” charging as well. An increasing number of people are informally allowing their conventional 120V sockets close to parking spaces to be used to trickle charge EVs. It’s a lot slower, but for people with low mileage needs they are better than nothing (and much cheaper to install).

I note that Chargehub does index such chargers… Find every public charging station for electric cars | ChargeHub

We do include L1 charging if it exists and is public. If it’s residential it cannot exist in the Open Charge Map data set as it would potentially violate any number of global data protection laws, which we’re not equipped to deal with.

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If I register my own domestic outlet or that of my own business as publicly available and I attest that the outlet is mine wouldn’t that be enough?

I think the main problem is actually that the plug descriptions are obscure - I suspect few outside the industry would know that a standard three prong North American plug is a “NEMA 5-15R”…

Commercial premises are fine, private homes are not, for a bunch of reasons. You can of course use PlugShare to share home charging.

Open Charge Map is the database used by a bunch of other apps and services, and once they have the data we don’t control it anymore, so they can of course use any name they like for the sockets.

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