Map is disappearing

Sometimes the map goes blank (the roads disappear). Only POIs are still there.
Moving or zooming don’t bring the map back, I have to refresh the hole page.
I don’t know if this is a problem on the server side or the browser side (I’m using Safari 15.1 on MacBook Pro M1 on MacOS 12.0.1)

It’s possibly a caching problem in your browser but the maps are provided by MapBox and as such it’s a system we don’t control.

If you do encounter a blank map again you could perhaps check the developer tools in Safari to see if there is an error message being reported.

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There is this message in the Javascript console when the problem occurs :
There are too many active WebGL contexts on this page, the oldest context will be lost.


Thanks! So does this happen after opening many items (clicking on a map marker and viewing the details many times), or does it just seem random. It looks like this is MapBox related:

Yes this occurs time to time while heavily editing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks, if there are other things you notice while editing or things it would be really important or beneficial to add, please mention them here.

I also get this problem.

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Hi, this issue should now be resolved in the current web version of the map/app.

I had this issue yesterday while editing. When the web version was updated ?

There is an issue with the new version.
When editing a field (an address for example) the cursor jump to the end of the field as you type a key :frowning:

Thanks for raising that, I couldn’t reproduce it myself but it does looks like this was a recent problem in the framework we use: - I’ve updated the web app with the fixed version now.

Problem fixed :+1:t2:
Thank you

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Please note that an issue has been found (by @AlexMol ) in the latest version where numeric inputs were not accepting changes. This has been fixed by rolling back to an older version of the UI framework we use. Edits made in the last week using should be reviewed for missing PowerKW/Voltage/Quantity etc

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