Map is disappearing

Sometimes the map goes blank (the roads disappear). Only POIs are still there.
Moving or zooming don’t bring the map back, I have to refresh the hole page.
I don’t know if this is a problem on the server side or the browser side (I’m using Safari 15.1 on MacBook Pro M1 on MacOS 12.0.1)

It’s possibly a caching problem in your browser but the maps are provided by MapBox and as such it’s a system we don’t control.

If you do encounter a blank map again you could perhaps check the developer tools in Safari to see if there is an error message being reported.

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There is this message in the Javascript console when the problem occurs :
There are too many active WebGL contexts on this page, the oldest context will be lost.


Thanks! So does this happen after opening many items (clicking on a map marker and viewing the details many times), or does it just seem random. It looks like this is MapBox related:

Yes this occurs time to time while heavily editing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks, if there are other things you notice while editing or things it would be really important or beneficial to add, please mention them here.

I also get this problem.

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