Incorrect DC supply type in the Nordics (import error?)

There are many 22 kW type 2 chargers in Norway, Sweden and Finland that are marked as “DC”. I think this is wrong. Is it possible to DC charge with a type 2 connector?

Two examples:

Since this error (if it really is an error) is very common in Sweden I’m guessing that this could be a nobil import error. Would it then make sense to fix this directly in the database? It’s very time consuming to change supply type for all individual charge ports.

Thanks, yes if the data is imported (which this is) it should be stated on each POI details page who the data provider is. In this case its

I’ll review the import, if you edit an imported item it becomes disconnected from the original import so it’s generally best not to edit imported data unless it’s massively wrong.

Thanks for taking a look!

A comment regarding… When I look at the map they provide at Client test of the API Ver. 3 I find that the data is of rather low quality. Charging stations are misplaced, no longer available or are wrong. If the importer is run there’s maybe a risk that removed or misplaced charging stations re-appear.

Yes, the risk with imports is that you have to trust their data quality. We ignore things like power KW from their feed because it has numbers like 33000kW (which is unlikely to be accurate).

If a POI has been edited we won’t import a duplicate unless it’s moved to a very different location or changed network etc. If it looks very similar then we consider it a duplicate. Ultimately if a government sponsored body is feeding invalid data it’s best to report that to the government body, because they’re often being paid a lot of money to get it right. They will in turn likely blame the network that’s feeding them data!

It looks like you’ve fixed the DC problem. But this one is still DC:

Seems to come from nobil.

Edit: Oh, it looks like this charging station has been removed from nobil (or it exists in some other location)

Now that the nobil importer has run there’s some cleaning I would need to redo:

OCM-292895 - not operational, remove
OCM-292900 - not operational, remove
OCM-292901 - doesn’t exist, remove
OCM-292902 - misplaced in nobil, now a duplicate, remove
OCM-292903 - misplaced in nobil, now a duplicate, remove
OCM-292904 - duplicate in nobil, remove
OCM-292905 - duplicate of OCM-156766, remove
OCM-292906 - duplicate of OCM-45730, remove
OCM-292907 - doesn’t exist, remove
OCM-292908 - no longer a public charger, remove
OCM-292909 - misplaced in nobil, now a duplicate, remove
OCM-292911 - duplicate of OCM-64958, remove
OCM-292915 - duplicate of OCM-290391, remove
OCM-292916 - misplaced in nobil (by 20 km or so), now a duplicate, remove

This is just in the area where I live (and I don’t know if I’ve found all problems). It would be great if this could be improved in some way since it’s frustrating for maintainers to redo edits and in this case the import didn’t add any value, it just added duplicates and unusable charging stations (I didn’t see any “good” or new changes imported).

If there’s something I, as a contributor should do differently, then some documentation would be good (sorry if it exists and I haven’t found it). Maybe it would be useful to extract fixes/changes to imported items so they could be sent upstream? When a station is removed and marked as a duplicate, maybe it would help to specify which station is the duplicate so import-id could be preserved? Maybe the nobil importer should be avoided until it adds some value again?

I e-mailed nobil (in Sweden) and pointed out some errors in their data. I haven’t received a reply yet.

Sure, if you know any software developers willing to dig deeply into these specific problems they can check out and things like

When it comes to conflicting edits (a user thinks a site is not operational, but nobil thinks it’s operational) I’m not sure what the right thing to do is (maybe the user was right 1 month ago but isn’t now), spatial duplicates shouldn’t really happen but we’d need to dig into specific cases.

If you have edited something we shouldn’t be updating that again or creating an exact duplicate in the same location, currently though it’s not something I personally have the resources or inclination to work on currently, so someone else would need to get their sleeves rolled up!

FWIW… I received a response from (Energimyndigheten in Sweden) and they immediately fixed the problems I reported. Errors can be reported here: Elbilsägare (only available in Swedish)

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