Import kml into OCM?

I have a kml file , created by myself, encompassing all charging stations in Israel.
I would like to import this into OCM.

Is there a quick way to do this, or at least a semi automated one?

Hi, at a minimum we need the geographic location, the equipment power (kw), the connection type and the applicable network. Usually KML is not sufficient to express this level of detail and JSON (or CSV) would be required. I’d have to look at the KML file to see.

The missing data (connectors and power) can probably be added as needed.

I will try to get a preliminary KML to you tomorrow.

heres a small xlsx created from a kml. LMK if it is enough.!AtwwUJXNNGFnmAXbNaQzvgK6gf-J?e=4hJaqO

Thanks that looks like we could use it to some extent, would you may able to transfer the information into this format?:

In case @ldti doesn’t have the AddressLine1, AddressLine2, Town, StateOrProvince, Postcode, Country fields already (which I guess is the case with a KML file), would it make sense to put approximate data now in the template (which I volunteer to do based on the latitude/longitude coordinates), or would those be better left blank, to be manually (properly) filled in later?

Or something in between, like put in the import template only the information that is known exactly, e.g. Town, StateOrProvince, Country?

here’s a sample.
is this good?!AtwwUJXNNGFnmAl9RDHdY-_1L2q0?e=G8umET

@dante01, addresses are almost useless here, i think, but if you can extrapolate automatically from coordinates, i guess it will do…

Hi, yes that looks OK and yes we can reverse geocode suitable addresses from the lat/long.

ok, so whats the next step?
perhaps a script can be written to convert the kml to a xlsx with this template?

I think you should just go with whatever technique your are most comfortable with but if I was doing myself I’d script something to convert the kml into a CSV file, then copy/paste that into the template and update as required.