How to remove my own charging station


A few years back, I had added my OWN private residence on OCM (OCM-91570), because there was no charging station in a 100km circle. Since then, I have talked a few local businesses into adding charging stations in the area and there’s also Blink Charging Europe planting stations around; so I find that there is no longer a need for my own private residence to be shown on the map. I have edited the place and rendered it as closed a couple of times, but it doesn’t seem to go through. I don’t know if there is a country editor for Greece, if not, feel free to promote me.

Thanks, I’ve delisted that now. We don’t accept private residences and editors shouldn’t approve them. Data protection and privacy laws vary by region and we can’t tell if the submitter is the residence owner or if the residence gets sold to someone who no longer wants to share charging. Leave private residence sharing to plugshare and instead use OCM to document official charging infrastructure.

Thanx for the reply and have an awesome new year.

I actually insisted quite a bit when I asked to add my home place to OCM, because there was really no charging solutions at all around, and there were a couple of Tesla owners who got stranded in the region and they were very happy to see my place on the platforms. But this is not needed anymore, since I’ve put a few businesses around here in the EV mood and they’ve installed a few stations on their premises.

By the way, I can still see Kozani Suburbs (OCM-91570) on my end. Is this some kind of caching issue?

Yes, you shouldn’t be able to see that listing on a map anymore.

Thanx for the reply. Problem is, I can still see it online…