How to add new POI throught API and import data set of POIs

I am currently working for a company that manages POIs for one of the main gas station companies in Spain and Portugal.
They are installing several electric charging points in their gas stations and we would like to collaborate with OCM creating those points in their database.
I have checked the API looking for an endpoint to add new points of interest but I have not found anything.
Is there any way to create/update points of interest through the API?
Is there any way to integrate to import all POIs in bulk?

Hi Alberto,

The best way for networks to supply information is using an OCPI data feed. There is a form they can fill out to agree to supply us information that we can then redistribute:

There is an API to submit POIs but it’s rarely used by external organisations and really is just used by apps like

Hi Cristopher,
Thanks for the quick reply.
We will look into it and we will keep in touch with you.
May we contact you through another channel?