How do I add a new Charge Point Operator in South Africa?

Good day,

I would like to know how to add a new CPO or network operator in South Africa? All the charging stations on the map in South Africa currently show as GridCars, but not all these actually belong to GridCars, they have only been setup as such because GridCars is the only option available when adding new chargers.

We operate the 2nd largest network in South Africa, under Rubicon, and would like to add Rubicon as a CPO so that we can change these to accurately reflect the correct CPO.

Thank you,

Hilton Musk


You just suggest them here and specify the Name that drivers know them by and the network website they can go to for more information.

@Hilton_Musk while I remember it would also be great if Rubicon could supply a data feed for us directly.


We accept OCPI location API endpoints and we also generally need an access token so we can read from the API. This lets us regularly import data directly so people don’t have to feed it all in manually and it has the benefit of providing free advertising to the networks who participate.