How add SAE J1772 stations using Android app?

I am only offered five options here in Canada - unknown, CCS Type 1 and 2, CHAdeMO and NEMA 14-50. I don’t think J1772 is any of these, but it is the most popular charging station option in Canada! It would also help if the app showed an image of each plug type alongside the options so users could double-check…

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Thanks, do you have an example address?. The app filters to the most commonly used connection types for the given country based on the address in the first step. When I try adding for Winnipeg that includes J1772.

Weirdly, when I tried to reproduce this using the same address I was offered a different set of charging station options (still lacking J1722). Perhaps OCM doesn’t recognise Newfoundland as being part of Canada?

Ah so the issue here is the UI we’re using (Ionic Framework). The list actually scrolls if you swipe it up and down but it’s not that clear.

Could be useful to have that list sorted differently per region of the world with the more popular connectors for that region at the top of the list. North America has lots of Type 1 (J1172), and CCS Type 1, but practically no Type 2 or CCS Type 2. Likewise, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America has almost no CCS Type 1 but plenty of CCS Type 2. China has loads of GB-T but not much of anything else. Japan has loads of Chademo and Type 1.

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Thanks Simon, we do some work on the server to decide which types to shortlist for the country, we could probably sort by popularity but the trade off is that countries with many connectors get a fairly random list order (alphabetically) which makes finding the right on harder. Not sure what the best approach is.

How about if there’s fewer than a few hundred locations in a country, it would revert to a regional, or global list of popular connectors? (Regional would be a good fallback, because North America tends to have a different set of popular connectors to Europe, for instance)

Yep good idea, I just have to get round to it.