Highway charging points

Is there any easy way to get the total number of highway charging points? For research purposes, I am looking for the total number of charging points (by European country) broken down by highway/no highway.
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Hi, no you would need to grab all then charging points (POIs) then cross reference them with a GIS shapefile that contains all the highways, then count if a point is near a highway or not.

You can use our API to get POI data https://openchargemap.org/site/develop/api#/operations/get-poi, or download the data from GitHub - openchargemap/ocm-export: Export of OCM POI data into one file per POI - you would then need to load the data into a GIS or run a script (python etc) that can do the analysis.

It’s an intermediate level task for someone with extensive GIS experience or python etc scripting expertise, so it depends what skills you have already as to whether it’s easy or not.

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