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Hello everyone, first of all, I apologize if this is not the right place to post this question. I am currently working on my final statistics project, and its central theme is an unsupervised analysis model on existing charging stations in Spain. That’s why I would like to obtain data related to existing stations in Spain (data such as latitude, longitude, usage type: public/private, power, among others). After consulting forums, I found that there is a possibility of extracting such data from this community. The issue is that my knowledge of using APIs is nil, and I was wondering if someone could guide me on how to extract this data.

Thank you in advance for your time :slight_smile:


Our API documentation is here:

To export all of the data we have for spain you might use:

To get your own API key, sign into then browse to in order to register your new application and get an API key.

That would give you the data in JSON format. Depending on how you will consume the data you may be able to use that directly.

We have other formats available but they varying in level of detail and nformation they include.


First of all, thank you very much for your response Christopher, but I am experiencing a small issue. When using the API you indicated to me:, I have changed output=json to output=csv and in key I have put what I believe is my API key. However, upon extraction, a file is indeed downloaded, a CSV file, but this file contains 101 rows: one row for description and 100 charging stations. Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

I managed to solve the small issue, as I’ve noticed in some entries that other inexperienced API users like me have encountered the same problem. I’m posting the solution here:**
You have to use your key, and use the country code you need :slight_smile:

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