Gridserve UK oddness

A good number of Gridserve UK’s charging sites are appearing on the same incorrect Latitude but with the correct Longitude.
Looking at the national charge-point registry, I can see that these coordinates came in incorrectly from that source. Plus the data for the charging location appears to be stale as the incorrectly sites are appearing as AC chargers only, but the actual sites are a mix of Chademo/CCS.

I don’t suppose there’s a way of fixing that data or should those locations just be created manually and the incorrect ones deleted (only to come back in again when the data is reimported)?

Thanks, we used to have country bounds checking (using a GIS shape file for each country) during import but that doesn’t appear to be working anymore.

If you edit a site using the old website eitor you get a few more options for delisting a site as incomplete or duplicate this should help stop it reappearing after imports. e.g.

Notably the gridserve website lists these sites with many more types of connectors so possibly our import is not carrying that over or we are discarding duplicates when we should be merging the equipment.

We’re really just waiting for the UK to sort it’s open data out properly.