Equipment, many connections vs increasing a connection's quantity

I see charging stations like this:

This one has 14 connections that look identical.

I guess an alternative to this configuration is to specify 1 (one) connection and set the quantity to 14. Would that mean the same thing? Is either of the two configurations to prefer when adding new locations?

Another related question… I see “Number Of Stations/Bays”. Is that the number of vehicles that can charge simultaneously? This number must be less or equal to the number of charge connections?

I think answers to these questions would be useful to put in the “guidance for contributors”.

Thanks, yes our data model needs refined to allow people/imports to specific per evse connections (and each EVSE could be a different network etc). It’s a little complicated because some information is only available at a summary level (e.g. the US AFDC data) on other data is available at the equipment level.

Number of Stations originally meant physical units but then it became apparent that some units offer charging for two cars (or alternatively two connectors and only one can be used), so we now try to clarify that as basically the number of available bays (and or/number of vehicle which could charge at one time) but it’s still fuzzy because sites do vary (there is one near me that allows two cars but there is only one space, so some cars park on the pavement).

If you are manually entering data and don’t know the network reference codes for each unit then it’s fine to just enter one entry and a quantity), the split out is for when we do know individual ports and might know that one is out of order (generally imported feeds from networks rather than manually entered info).

I agree it’s not ideal, if the data could just be 100% complete, consistent and correct that would be great :slight_smile: