Edit History anywhere?


Someone recently edited this charger:

Is there a way to see who and when did this edit? This charger was moved some 400km away from its correct location for some peculiar reason.

I am a country editor and didn’t receive any notification for the aforementioned edit, which was possibly malicious.

To see the recent edit history you can go to https://openchargemap.org/site/editqueue and enter the ID (134534), select ‘yes’ in the Show Processed Items option, the click refresh. It’s had two positional edits recently.

We don’t currently send notifications to editors when edits are made - this was stopped because the geographic subscription notifications process was too computationally expense to run on the configuration we had at the time, we may be able to enable that again in the future. That’s an open item for someone to tackle.

Regarding malicious edits, our only process currently is to fix them. Malicious edits haven’t really been a thing before because they are normally quite obvious, the more likely cause is someone accidentally moved the marker while editing and didn’t fix it. A reviewer can check if the edits makes some sense but they can’t usually know if the details are indeed correct.

Thanx for the heads up, Christopher. I knew there was edit history somewhere. Will bookmark this thread.

Regarding the specific issue, any chance we could get some additional information on that “(Anonymous User)” that started this whole mess by editing the aforementioned charging spot on 2/7/2021, and placing it somewhere in Kansas, USA?

I guess it would make sense to alert country editors if an edit is too far from the original position maybe?

The item has been corrected. I contacted the phone number owner. He was caught by surprise. He owns an e-208 and has been using Tronity for a few months. Any chance the “(Anonymous User)” that did the initial edit on Feb, 7th, was some Tronity/ABRP/OCM interoperability mess?

No I don’t have info on anonymous users (they really are anonymous). Do you think someone has attempted to automated something incorrectly? If the problem persists we can disable anonymous submissions if required, we’ve just always had that facility.

I really suspect that in this case it was some interoperability issue between platforms; it doesn’t make sense otherwise, since the phone number as it was entered on the charging spot information (before I reverted it back to normal), along with the relative e-mail address, was only known to the Tronity platform.

How can an (Anonymous User) edit any entry? I tried a couple of times, and I always have to sign in first.

There is a caching issue causing some edit confusion here which I’ll fix but the user is entering their own email address when they make an edit. They have contacted me via facebook, I’ll let them know they shouldn’t type their personal info into the edit form and that all data on the form is public:

Further to this, anonymous edits are not strictly disallowed, there was a case where you could begin an edit as a logged in user then wait 20-mins or so for your session to timeout, then publish and the edit would be anonymous, this will now result in a failed submission instead.

In generally all users should user the add/edit functionality of https://map.openchargemap.io and the older edit page should only be useful for editors making advanced changes, we will eventually prevent the use of the old add/edit for users who are not country editors.

I think you’ve slightly misunderstood me; We are trying to find out who and how edited this particular’s charging station’s information in such a wrongful way on Feb, 7th. Turns out it was an (Anonymous User). Per you comment above, the only way a submission would register as coming from an (Anonymous User) is if the session times out. Is there any other way of submitting an edit as an (Anonymous User)?

Now seeing that user “giorgos” again submitted an edit, which you already processed (I suspect you didn’t let it go through since I don’t see the changes live) again adding his e-mail address to the station, and also rendering it as “private”! This really doesn’t make sense to me and it gets kind of frustrating… I’ll give him another call, I though after our hour-long conversation the day before, he would have learned a bit about how the platform works.

I would actually just drop it and monitor the situation rather than hound him for it. I think there was an element of confusion and misunderstanding. If it becomes a repeated problem we can look at how to address the issue then.

Yes there were other ways to submit data to the edit form as an anonymous user, this has now been disabled as well.