Edit Approval Comments


Been successfully submitting edits for a while, never had an issue.

Recently, I submitted yet another edit, and when I checked a few days later, the location was still showing the old details.

I looked at the edit history and I am confused about what is going on for that POI, it seems its details are constantly being changed back and forth. My own edit was approved, then an edit zeroing a bunch of values, followed by an edit returning the values to before my submission.

Is there a way to see any comments / explanation from the person approving the edits, so I can figure out if something is going on?

Thank you!

Hi, we don’t currently have a messaging/approvals notification system or comment history but we would like to add that in the future.

The best way to debate an editing problem is to post here with the specific POI reference IDs explaining the issue. There could just be confusion or a side effect of some other process/input rather than being competitive editing.

Note also that if you submit a bunch of edits for the same POI there is a chance that the edits in the approval queue can be processed out of order (if done by a human) so your own edit could potentially clobber the correct information although that’s normally rare.