Default location if location disabled

Hi, l have my location switched of because privacy .
Could we have - if no location default to users country \ town ?

User’s country or town based on what? The IP address? Seems like a fair amount of overhead for little gain.

For what it is worth, I have location turned off on my web browser. A trivial search for the area that I want to update a charger for gets me to the location of interest. I have my phone set to only allow location when I am actively running the app, so when I update a location with my phone it knows where I am. Fairly privacy respecting and not a big deal requiring a rough guess based on an IP address lookup as a fix.

Thanks for the reply.

When creating an ID the user is already asked for a town or country. It would just be nice to be over the correct country instead of zoom out from San Fan to UK every time.

Thanks, I would suggest simply typing the name of a town into the search and select the first result to move the map. Remembering the last location you looked at isn’t too difficult but a lot of users would prefer to use their current location instead, we could make a preference though.