Dart Client for API

I wrote a Dart client. So You can integrate it in your Flutter App. charge_points | Dart Package

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Thanks Enrico!

I notice you are setting client to app, you can just leave that blank if you don’t want to specify an identifier there - it was previously required before API keys were introduced.

You generally need to provide maxresults (e.g. maxresults=500) otherwise you’ll only get the default number of results regardless of the boundingbox.

Implementing latitude/longitude and distance filters are also useful for finding points nearby rather than within a bounding box.

In a real app you generally also want to be able to retrieve the core reference data (lists of connection types, network operators etc) so you can present them in the UI. There are also useful of you are compact mode to remove reference data items from the result objects, so you can reconstruct the full information. If you use the compact mode also look at verbose=false which strips out whitespace and null fields, reducing the data transferred.

Instead of This Package permits you to operate with https://openchargemap.org. you should perhaps say This Package enables you to query data from https://openchargemap.org.

Permits generally means to give permission.