Charging Stations in Belgium: Limited Results from Scraping Algorithm

Are the majority of the charging stations in Belgium considered to be up-to-date?
The output from my web scraping algorithm yields around 3000 charging stations, which appears to be relatively low. This is particularly notable because I am using a method of scraping that involves iterating over bounding boxes that encompass not only Belgium but also neighboring regions, leading to the inclusion of charging stations outside of Belgium’s borders.

I’m not filtering on anything specific in my payload, so that can’t be the reason.

Any indication as to whether these numbers are at all accurate or scraping tips would be most welcome.

Many thanks in advance!

Please don’t use a web scraping algorithm, use our API instead - that’s why it exists.

We have about 1142 POIs in belgium with one or more charging stations at each location, so yes.

If people in Belgium don’t contribute information to our database, then we don’t have data for Belgium. Likewise if the networks in Belgium don’t supply us with data, then we won’t have the data:

Hi Christopher. Thank you for your reply. It’s actually not a scraping algorithm, but indeed a set of API calls, my apologies for the confusion. Shame to hear that the Belgium is not cooperating.


Thanks Anton, you can also just pull a whole country by passing a country code (not latitude/longitude filter) and setting maxresults to a high value so you’re sure you get all the results, like &countrycode=BE&maxresults=100000

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