Charging Networks in India are not updated

Hi ,I feel the ABRP app has a lot of potential for India because each terrain is different and predicting the soc is a challenge. however i see that a number of energy provider networks have not been added here.Please do add them if you can.

  1. Shell Recharge

They have a number of stations and are expanding fast.

  1. Statiq

Statiq’s chargers are listed with Shell as well . They are slower than shell but are expanding to the secondary cities.


They have several chargers in south India

  1. Relux Electric

Some of their chargers are not the most reliable but they are present in critical areas near the tier 3 cities

5)Jio BP Pulse -

This charger is owned by reliance a large retail company like tata power.

Do let me know if you need any info and I have been adding chargers :slight_smile: Thanks for a great app.

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Thanks, these have been added now.