ChargeLab: new operator in Canada

Please add “ChargeLab” to the list of network operators.

[email protected]

Their primary business is developing software for network operators but they also run a small network of their own chargers, as explained on ChargeHub’s portal below:

Here is one of their chargers listed on PlugShare:

Thanks Marcus, they already exist in our database and we have about 147 locations for them.

That’s right, sorry, I somehow missed it, I should probably try to get some more sleep on weekends. It is an obscure operator which bundles their own chargers with those of Ivy Charging Network in their own app and labels their 25 kW chargers as “DC Fast” which is really stretching it . But they also have a few 180 kW chargers at some car dealerships and private commercial parking lots. It is all a bit confusing but it’s good to already have them listed in OCM’s database.

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