Cannot login for adding or editing locations

As a EV enthusiast I discover OpenChargeMap. I created a profile for reading data via your API and as I see some errors, I want to fix them.
But my login don’t work for editing :frowning: It says email or password is not recognized.

Do you have a Country editor for France ?

Congrats for your work.

Didier Toulouze

There is some problem with the map right now, I’ve been editing for a long time and I also get that error today.
I’ll try to contact the managers.

Thanks for raising this, I’ll investigate.

Hi, this is fixed now. The MongoDB service process had crashed, reboot fixed it.

This plan is to move everything to new servers/services soon, I’m waiting on some Open Source program credits from Microsoft.


Login is still broken and the map don’t display any charge location :frowning:
I want to edit Tesla superchargers for France and maybe other stations of other operators.


Thanks. AWS (our current server hosting provider) has a concept of "CPU Credits’ and if your server gets hit hard enough for long enough then you start to use them up. Once they’re all used up your server runs extremely slowly until the credits reset again. We’re currently trying to move away from AWS but I think they may have heard us. There is literally nothing we can reasonably do until the CPU burst credits reset, which could be a few hours or could be a day.

Ok, wait & see… :wink:
This is a great project and I want to contribute :slight_smile:
Do you have an ETA for moving to Azure ?

It’s likely to happen this month, thereafter we (should) have some free credits from Azure until June 2022, after that we will need to see.

Our primary API server (the one that handles logins) has been removed from the general API query pool this means that it will receive less traffic and can have time to recover. Logins should work but they may still be slow.

The side effect of this is that map loads/queries will put more strain on our other servers, so you may get more problems loading map results etc.

I think apps/sites using your data and making money with it should pay something…

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Well, we currently have over 1000 registered apps/services using the API for data (data is free, it’s providing it via that internet that costs money!), and a few of those do account for most of our API traffic, which is millions of queries per month.

It’s possible that we will introduce a fee structure for API heavy API consumers in the future as for most people this would be easier than trying to run their own API.

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So… I’m editing all existing Tesla Superchargers in France and I’m adding missing ones.
It’s slow, but it works :wink:
I have to wait for 3 days to see my editing on the map ? Correct ?
Do you have a Country Editor for France ?


Thanks Didier, I have made you an Editor for France so your edits will now only take a few minutes to appear.

Oh, great ! Thank you :blush:

Further to this, our website and API have now been moved to temporary infrastructure on Microsoft Azure.

Please raise any new issues you notice (such as repeatedly failing things).

Great news ! :smiley:

It’s very fast now. :+1:


I updated a lot tonight successfully. But right now the map doesn’t display any charging station anymore. Maybe I have to go to bed :sweat_smile:

Cloudflare is upset, I’ve switched it off for now and it should be working again :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s ok now. :+1:t2:
Time to sleep (1:24 am) :grimacing:

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Hi @Christopher.

The API is KO and return this message : HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable. :frowning: