Cannot load any stations

Hello. I have been using Opencharge for almost 4 years now. Yesterday, I noticed that I can no longer see any EV Charging stations in our app. Was there a change to the API? Thanks.

Hi, please see this thread. yes we now require the use of API keys as was announced about a year ago. This is both to prevent API abuse and so we can contact API users when there are important changes :

If you wish to discuss privately please email christopher.cook {at}

Note also that we may be able to temporarily allow specific users agents or IPs through to give you extra time to apply an API key, if applicable.

Christopher, that would be great if you could give us some additional time. Can you please allow our traffic through? It will take us a couple of weeks to get this implemented.

Yes but you need to tell me what the http user-agent is or some other identifier that can be used, we can no longer just open the API to everyone as the API is being abused by certain users (sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose).

What maxresults setting do your API calls use?