Bulk USA Change -- Semaconnect acquired by Blink

Is there a way to do bulk edits on the database?

Blink acquired SemaConnect

So other than a few old labels, SemaConnect is no more.

Yes, myself as a database administrator can make bulk edits when requested and confirmed. If an entire network has merged into another one we can update the associated network behind the scenes as a special administrative task.

If however the SemaConnect information is coming from the AFDC its best for them to get their data right first, then we can import it, otherwise it would get reset on the next import.

Is there a primary key in the ADFC data, or something close,
that will ensure you don’t end up with mirrors or duplicates?

https://network.semaconnect.com/ is definitely on the way out or gone.

Yes when we import data we capture a “data providers reference” that’s used as surrogate key.

We also normally prevent imports from creating items which are very close to existing locations ) because the chances are they will be a duplicate).

About 50% or a bit less of our data is currently from imports and the remainder is manually imported.

When you normally modify an imported item, currently we archive the original and create a new POI using the newly derived information so that future imports will no longer try to update that item.

If you’re interested in coding etc you can see what we do here: https://github.com/openchargemap/ocm-system/blob/master/Import/OCM.Import.Common/ImportManager.cs

Ideally AFDC will move to an OCPI data feed with better fidelity as the US government has recently pushed forward with national network plans that include OCPI feeds being pushed to them, and we can move to using that.