Blocked by Cloudflare


we are experimenting with the api and got blocked by cloudflare. I think a student made too many requests to quickly. Is it possible that you unblock us again? This IP:

In normal circumstances we won’t do that many request per day (maybe 1-5)

I think cloudflare rate limits are supposed to clear after 1 hour, so should be fine by now.

Hi Christopher,

sadly not. The same request goes through perfectly on my local machine. But from our Azure Cluster i get the cloudflare block on every attempt. (Everything is the same including headers in the request)

Ok, I have cleared our custom firewall rules to see if that helps, you must have gotten blocked quite a long time ago?

Hi Christopher,

thank you very much, now it works again. Yes a student checked out the api a longer time ago and only now we are revisiting it.