Add new network

Hi, how can i add a new network to use for my location? Thanks in advance

Yes, if you specify the network name and website here we can add it for you. If a network is large we would encourage them to contribute data to us directly, so that people don’t have to enter it all manually:

In the future we would like to have a feature for editors to add networks themselves but we need to develop tools for merging/splitting networks an avoiding duplicate entries.

Hi Christopher

Thank you for the clarification. Kindly find our details below.

Name: SFA Sustainability Services

Appreciate your assistance.

Thanks and regards,

Thanks, that’s been added now.

Hi Christopher, I have a network of over 130 connectors, how do I add these to Open charge map?

Hi @Nicky_D the best option is to provide us with an OCPI data feed which we can frequently update automatically. See

The alternative is to manually add the information using use the Add Location menu option. Once a site which is similar to your other sites has been added and approved you can choose to copy the existing entry for new entries, this can speed up data entry.

An automated data feed is preferable. You will find that it becoming increasingly common for networks to have to report their infrastructure data to local governments etc and this is often using OCPI or a similar data standard.

Thanks Christopher , on having a look I see OCM already have a number of our chargepoints showing - Data source NCR - how often do you draw information for the NCR register?

We import from the NCR approximately once every 4-6 months. If you are already supplying information to them, how are you doing it?

Hi Chris, For the last few years I’ve just been logging in and adding a ChargePoint as they have been commissioned. not done so for the last 30 or so though, I will ask someone in the team to have a look at the link you posted.