88% of Dutch Charging Stations Missing

Hi all. I did a quick download of the charging stations in the Netherlands and I came up with a total of about 8,000. However, the EAFO and The Netherlands Enterprise Agency report that they have 66,000 public chargers alone.

Just wondering if anyone knows why there is such a big gap in the data for the Netherlands in particular. Is there a particular CPO that accounts for the majority of the missing data? Perhaps that’s something that I can help to collect?

Any insight is appreciated.

Hi, approx 50% of our data is imported from public open data sources and the other 50% is manually entered by our users (crowd sourced). Note that there is a difference being having 66,000 chargers and 66,000 sites (as a site could have 20 chargers). Is there a public data source which publishes these chargers?