Wrong lat and long data for ubitricity chargers

When you look at the world map above the Seychelles islands, you see dozens of chargers with the latitude and longitude data switched.
Example is OCM-187463, I tried to edit some of them but there are just too many.

Can you alter the location data of those in a batch ?

Thanks for raising this. Unless Ubitricity have branched out in electric boats we do indeed need to do a batch cleanup.

Those have been moved now.

Nice work. Might it be an option to implement an upload or data validation check like:
England = middle location = lat x and long y, upload warning is at (x-10) and (x+15), (y-20) and (y+25) for example. It then needs to be done for the circa 200 countries but you get better data in the end.

Yes, I actually thought that was already in place but I haven’t checked recently. The plan is really to retire this data import as it’s never been very good.

Hi Christopher. I see sometimes very strange data. I was checking a portuguese charger in Porto (168590) which showed up in Kansas USA and then next to it was a charger in Kenia and one in Canada ??. I corrected the coordinates but I think a coordinates validation check is a must (on import or on live as well) to overcome this kind of rubbish. Out of bound chargers can be flagged to a moderator for review.