Why there are only ~2600 from the UK National Charge Point Registry while there are ~20000?


I was looking at the data I couldn’t figure out how you guys reduced (grouped) 20000 records to 2000.


We haven’t imported from the UK NCR for a while, I think we stopped when they fed us a large number of points in the middle of the sea.

Obviously if we have 20000 locations missing we’d like to know about them (which networks etc) but I’d guess we already now about those site (just not from the NCR). Much of our data is provided manually by users.

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thank you for the quick response, great work btw.

I’ve seen that, but some are accurate. I started working with the EV data recently, hopefully, I’ll have something to contribute soon.

Thanks again.

Thanks, just to clarify, if we already think we have a location (generally based on location) then we don’t add it again, so a large number of locations would be in the data but wouldn’t be attributed to NCR.

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