Why mobile app sometimes present obsolete data?

I’ve noticed few times while browsing nearby chargers, that sometimes application loads obsolete data (with old prices). Easy to spot for me because I updated this given location.
When I took a closer look at current poi.json from GitHub, I saw 12 lines that corresponds to same location, one is different because of updated prices, one because of added photo, all others just differ by _id.$oid, seems like around 2900 cases where there’s more than one entry for a given location (ID).

Not sure if that’s related or just caching?

We have a slightly complicated caching setup for our API servers (a primary API and 2 secondary real only servers), occasionally the cached server data needs rebuilt and the cache is also where we export poi,json from. So there’s a bug somewhere in our caching sync process but I’ve yet to investigate that, instead I’ll just rebuild the cache now.

Regarding your other thread and your example of a changeset, note that our data is actually stored in an SQL database and the JSON output is a mongodb export from a copy of the cache, so the content in our github is not (currently) an exact snapshot of master and its not our native storage format.