Which version of ionic is used?

I’ve been trying to build the OCM app from it’s source code on my own computer to play around with and see how things work. I’ve downloaded ionic and node.js, but I keep getting error after error related to missing files. I was wondering which versions of ionic and npm are being used. (My computer has 6.12.2 and 6.14.8 respectively).

Some our our instructions might be a little out of date but your current versions sound ok. What file(s) does it complain about and have you already run npm install from the same folder the the package.json file is in? After the npm install you should be able to run ionic serve to start the app and launch a browser. You will need to get a mapbox api token and add it to /src/environments/environment.ts in order to get the map to appear.

I was getting a lot of errors about files missing in node_modules/@angular. I ran npm install and things are working now though. Thanks for your help!

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