Where to buy an EV Charger Cover

Does anyone know a good brand that makes an EV cover I can order for my outdoor EV home charging point? Just need something to protect my Myenergi Zappi from the British weather! Thanks :grinning:

The Zappi charge points are already IP65 rated, which means it’s weatherproof.
An IP65 Rating means the product has the highest level of dust protection, and is able to withstand low-pressure water jets from all directions.

so, providing it is installed properly, you don’t need to put it in a separate enclosure, unless you feel that it’s likely that you’re going to want to pressure-wash it, in which case you’ll be wanting an IP66 rated enclosure.

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Hmm. There’s something fishy about this thread.

First of all, a new user Elizabeth123, posts wanting recommendations for a weatherproof cover for something that is already weatherproof.
Then, a new user Djones posts a recommendation for a particular supplier

And then, on a completely different forum, the SpeakEV forum:
A new user, Elizabeth123, posts, wanting recommendations for a weatherproof cover for a different sort of charge point.
Then, a new user Djones posts a recommendation, the same recommendation that was posted on Openchargemap forum.

So either there’s one Elizabeth123 who has both an Ohme and a Zappi charge point and feels that they both need a cover
And then There’s Djones, who is purveyor of weatherproof covers for weatherproof devices.

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And here was me thinking we were just attracting some friendly community discourse :slight_smile:

Can confirm both users have the same IP address and in fact the first users email address is @ the mentioned collective.

We do wish your organisation every success but this isn’t the right way to do it, just have a page on your own site that mentions this and that should be enough for google to find it.

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