West Coast Electric Highway Chargers

The 50 or so West Coast Electric Highway chargers in Oregon, USA were upgraded to 50kW CCS in 2022 but are only showing CHAdeMO. I’ve submitted corrections for the 11 along highway 101 on 2023-Jan-6.

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After a few days the fixed information appears in the OpenChargeMap map. But unfortunately it does not appear in the API. So for instance, in the map, the data for the EVCS (not Webasto) charger in Brookings Oregon (45.5798060,-122.5748750) correctly shows a 50 kW CHAdeMO / 50 kW CCS charger.

But in the API it is returning 100 amps, 400 volts (40 kW) which is wrong, and actually a deprecated format. It is supposed to list the power, instead, which is how I entered the data.

How do I get this to return the correct data in OCM’s API?

I’m assuming this was the recent glitch on our API cache update. Is this problem persists please provide the OCM ID of the POI affected.

Okay, I think I’ve found the issue. The PowerKW field is missing from the XML data, but is populated when I switch to JSON. Note that my test case is OCM ID 71558. Very cool.
Thanks for your help!

Thanks Andy, although our XML output is not officially deprecated it does lack the fidelity of our json output.

The json output is automatically built from our API model, but the XML output is coded manually (as is CSV and other non json outputs), so it lacks things that have been introduced over time.

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We’ve got a new charging network in the US, Where are Rivian Adventure Network chargers located? - Support Center - Rivian. Would it be possible to get them added?

Yes, they have been added as an operator now.

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