There was a problem communicating with Open Charge Map. Please check your data connection.

Sorry for my awful english. I am trying to develop the web and everything is fine but this message appears and the map does not appear. What am I doing wrong?

No, everything seems to be working currently, you would need to provide more information about what you are trying to do.

I don’t know if that way you can see where the problem is. On this page is provisionally, Open Charge Map - Electric Vehicle Charging Locations Near You. I created the www folder with the instructions and uploaded it to the server.

It currently seems to be working OK and you are correctly using your own MapBox API key and OCM API Key.

Are you seeing a problem when you perform a specific action? Are there any errors in the browser development tools console?

Note that the other way to use the map is just to embed our version in an iframe rather than using your own copy of the app:

Yes yes, I could fix it. I needed to put MapBox API key and OCM API Key.Thank you