Tesla destination chargers

How should tesla destination chargers be categorized?

They are often set to Tesla as the operator but it could just as easily be (Business Owner At Location) because they’re not networked.

Are they supposed to be classified as Tesla (Model S/X) , under equipment details?
If so, would it not be better to change the tag to “Tesla Destination Charger”.

It depends, Tesla had their own proprietary connector years ago but for new ones it depends which country you are in, for instance in Australia all the new ones are Type 2 (tethered). So it just depends what the actual unit has.

In New Zealand they are also all Type 2 (tethered), but the majority are set to tesla vehicles only, meaning they cant really be categorized as ‘Type 2 (tethered)’ - implied any type 2 car.

Perhaps a new connector option should be created ( or “Tesla (Model S/X)” renamed as) “Tesla Destination Charger” - like the ‘Tesla Supercharger’ option. The name would then be regionally (plug) agnostic but also clearly define the charger as for tesla cars only.

Tesla Destination chargers set to charge ‘any car’ could then be categorized as ‘Type 2 (tethered)’.

The connector and the access restrictions are two different things.

I’ve added the new operator “Tesla
(including non-tesla)” which you can assign to locations which support non-tesla vehicles.